My 6 Wars illustrates the situation in several nations of Latin America, and the risks imposed on the author and his team, while covering important historical and political events:

• Cuba, the beginning of Communism in 1959.
• Dominican Republic, the civil war of 1965.
• El Salvador, the bloody conflict in 1980 that generated thousands of victims.
• Nicaragua, the repression against the Miskito Indians in 1982.
• Grenada, the assassination of Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister of the Caribbean
     Island, and the military intervention of 1983.
• Panama, the crisis created by General Manuel Antonio Noriega that ended in
     1989 with an international invasion.
Eduardo A. Palmer had his greatest achievement in producing for 11 years, a weekly TV program of hemispheric interest. Planeta 3, recorded in the Dominican Republic had the participation of prominent figures of Latin America and aired in sixteen countries of the region.

This book is a bath of knowledge, dotted with anecdotes, written by a man who has not hesitated to take risks in pursuit of reliable information. It contains facts of crucial political events in Latin America reported by a genuine WITNESS TO HISTORY.

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