"Nothing but refugee rumors!" snorted JFK's National Security Adviser, Mc George Bundy, on America's biggest Sunday morning news show, Issues and Answers.

"Nothing in Cuba presents a threat to the U.S." he continued, barely masking his scorn. The date was Oct. 14th 1962. Exactly 24 hours later Bundy was studying U-2 photos of thos e "refugee rumors" aimed at his very house.

Since 1993 professor Tony de la Cova has been warning of an agent for Castro's Stalinist regime named Marifeli Perez-Stable, in the employ of both a "prestigious" Florida University and a "prestigious" Florida newspaper. For his pains, Professor de la Cova has been threatened with lawsuits and denounced as a "terrorist."









Tonight on Miami's talk/news program A Mano Limpia, Liet. Col. Christopher Simmons, a Cuban counterintelligence officer for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed (to those unfamiliar with Dr de la Cova's work) that Marifeli Perez-Stable has been under watch for years by his agency because she is an agent for Castro's Stalinist regime.

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By Humberto Fontova
August 01, 2008, Cubaenelmundo.com, agosto 2

In early 1959 Dr Rafael Diaz-Balart (Mario and Lincoln's viejo) tried warning the CIA and U.S. State Dept. that Fidel Castro was rabidly anti-American and a dangerous totalitarian megalomaniac with Communist ties. Their fervent support for his regime, stressed Dr Diaz-Balart, was idiotic and would come back to bite them on the ass.

The U.S. thanked Dr Rafael Diaz-Balart by threatening to deport him. New York officials actually jailed Dr Diaz-Balart and several of his compatriots from the anti-Castro group La Rosa Blanca overnight in New York city in a cell with common criminals.

In the late summer of 1962 Cuban youths from the Directorio and other groups risked their lives obtaining proof that the Soviets were shipping missiles to Cuba. For months they turned all this information over to U.S. authorites.



Marifeli Perez-Stable, Florida International University professor and The Miami Herald columnist, "outed" as a Castro's agent in the USA .